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Signing a Lease

Knowing your rights as a renter is very important. It is vital for a renter to read their lease and ensure they understand it. Each apartment community or landlord has unique terms of an agreement and it is your responsibility to know and understand it.

Most apartments will have an application fee before you sign the lease. The fee will allow the landlord to run a background check on you to see if you have a criminal history in the U.S., or to check your credit, before agreeing to rent their unit to you.

Leases are legal contracts which will obligate you to pay your rent for a specified amount of time to the property owner or property management company. Leases are often rather long documents. You should read the lease before you sign it! Read it carefully and keep a copy for yourself as a reference in the future. The lease will outline important parts of your agreement, such as when rent is due each month, rules regarding pets or parking, cleanliness of the apartment, etc. You should ask the landlord or property manager any questions you have before you sign the lease. Make sure you understand what your agreement will obligate you to do!

Breaking a lease can be difficult if you decide you no longer wish to live at your apartment before the lease is over. Make sure you understand what will be required if you do need to break your lease.

Know your rights as a tenant! Review some of the resources below to familiarize yourself with what is allowed (and not allowed) in Colorado in terms of what a landlord can do, and what you can do as a tenant:

Here is some additional information to review before signing a lease: Important Things to Know Before Signing a Lease