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Before signing a lease, you should review what is included in the cost of your rent. Charges for your utilities are often separate from your general rent cost. Some rental companies will cover the cost of certain utilities, such as water, garbage/sewage, and internet, but many landlords or property management companies will require you to pay for these utilities on your own. Below are some typical utilities that may cost "extra" in addition to your general rent, as well as some of the popular service providers in the Denver area:


Electric and Gas

Internet and/or Cable Television

Garbage, Recycling and/or Sewage

Local Telephone Service

If the utility is not already included in your rent costs, you may need to contact a service provider directly to activate things like power, water, internet, etc. Some service providers have deals that allow you to purchase multiple services for a discounted price.

If you have roommates, you should discuss these utility costs and establish how they will be paid every month. The person who schedules the service, or the people whose names are on the leases, will ultimately be held responsible for these types of costs.